Saturday, February 26, 2011

Right brain design

Technologically minded people trying to design websites almost always end up dull or unusable – if not both. Visually oriented people end up with visual sites with no content.

How may I avoid this for my own personal domains? The obvious choice in a professional setting would be to go with a premade template. This is also what I would recommend a client.

What would the result be if instead of using the left part of my brain I just focus on making all the correct decisions? Standing on the shoulders of people who actually know what they’re doing. Not copying whole pieces like in a template.

Visual goals

A website as a gate to countless word of information? Or a visual feast of colors? How to avoid being boring but still be able to catch the readers attention.

This project is based on two domains with somewhat different profiles.

Contains a blog about .Net, HTML, JQuery and other technologies I use daily. I write this blog to remember and to keep track of my own work with this website and other projects.

This is the domain which will be used for services needed for production ready projects.

This domain will be in Norwegian and contain information about everything no limits except normal decency.

The domain is used for projects which are not in production.

I want each domain to be connected in visual appearance, but each having a different color scheme.

Technical goals

I been a fan of the concept CSS Zen Garden for a long time. Beautiful designs based on the same carefully tagged html. So I hope I may achieve the same experience at my own site. Clean html styled with glorious well documented human readable CSS.

JavaScript should not break the site purity, but be used to enhance the user experience.

It is a bad habit deciding on technology before defining the problem, but since I mostly use at work I want to base this project on anything but Microsoft technology.

I would like to use a cloud hosting platform for the project, to get my feet wet in the cloud hype. Not that I expect this project to become such a huge success that it will ever need scaling.

For now I just use a blue plain template for this site.

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